Shout out to Sandy who has put in several months of strength training and lots of miles to prepare for the upcoming Kiawah Island Marathon (Kiawah Island, SC) on December 10, 2022. If you get a chance, reach out to Sandy this week and give her some encouragement. She is going to crush this race. Sandy has worked so hard and it is going to pay off big time.

Workouts for the week of 12.4.22

Monday 12.5.22 @5:30 pm

Back and Forth

Thirty Minute Workout:

You will have ten rounds total.

5x200m; 5x300m

Every three (3) minutes you will alternate between

200m runs and 300m runs.


0:00-3:00 200m run Fast

3:00-6:00 300m run Fast

6:00-9:00 200m run Fast

9:00-12:00 300m run Fast

and so on until completion of time clock.

You will score your slowest 200 and 300m runs.

Thursday 12.8.22 @5:30 pm

Back Hand

Round 1:

500m moderate/fast pace , no rest.

500m easy pace, no rest,

400m moderate/fast pace, no rest.

400m at easy pace, no rest.

300m moderate/fast pace, no rest

300m easy pace.

Rest 3:00

Round 2:

500m easy pace, rest 2:00

400 moderate pace, rest :90

300 fast pace.

Rest 3:00

Round 3:

4x100m sprints, walk 100m.

You will score each round for three (3) separate scores.


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