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The Answer is in The Triangle!

By Elizabeth Koch

Why do I keep tweaking my shoulder?

Why has my knee started bothering me all the sudden?

Why am I crashing after a WOD?

Why am I not recovering as well between workouts?

Why can’t I lose this last 10lbs?

Why does my endurance suck so bad?

Why does my strength suck so bad?

I feel like I am plateauing in my progress with my workouts.

What is the meaning of life?

Here is a little something I picked up during the CFE Seminar this past June that just seem to reverberate so well with me. As simple as it looks, it  has the answer to most all of your questions. Although it may not tell you how to fix the problem it makes you stop and think systematically about where in the system something is breaking down and give you some insight on where to begin. Perhaps you have recently been struggling with a string of injuries. Have you considered that what you are eating might be playing a role in your sudden plague of injuries or maybe your training volume is to high or you have been skipping out on your mobility work. So, the next time you are asking your self why are my mile times getting slower or why am I not seeing any progress on my overhead squat  or what ever your may be scratching your head wondering “WHY” about when it comes to your fitness and health goals…. consult the triangle!


CFE “State of the Turnaround” We’ve Come So Far!

By Kristy Taylor

I started CrossFit in May of 2010.  I came in thinking I was in good shape. As an avid runner and racer, I had the racing circuit down. I did the training and long runs and took medals in almost every race I competed in. But when I picked up a wall ball for the first time?  Everything I new about my fitness was shaken to its core.  I had no strength, no power, no real stamina…WTH?

So, like most of us, I took a super-huge-gulp of the Kool-aid and started my Crossfit journey. I participated in the WODs daily and continued to run.  I started bridging the gap between my endurance and my strength.  When there was a WOD with running,  I welcomed it, looked forward to it, excelled at it.   But, for most CrossFitters running was not something they welcomed in a WOD.  I could see that there was a negative feeling regarding running, and I wanted to try and change that.  So, I attended the CrossFit Endurance certification and  that’s all it took.  It was then that I created the “CrossFit Running Groups” with a mission to change CrossFitter’s thoughts on running and bring some fresh ideas to the community.  So, in the midst of  the winter of December of 2010, I  set some running group times and we began what has now evolved into the “Crossfit Springfield Endurance Group.”  We have grown and changed over the years in our practices and theories.  With the help of Chad, Elizabeth, and the owners of CFS, CrossFit Running has evolved into what it is today,  CrossFit Endurance Springfield. Complete with awesome CFE programming, a sweet-action blog site, and a cougar chasing a unicorn t-shirt!

But the best part of all of this is you guys!  We have seen new and improved runners, faster Fran times, race PR’s, and story after story about how CFE has changed thoughts and feelings on running.

Thank you, all of you, for making CFE what it is. We look so forward to what we will continue to grow into!

Have a good run!



P.S.  Stay tuned soon for some exciting news about special endurance team training specifically for HOA brought to you by CFE Springfield!

Attention Runners! Upcoming Races! Let’s Represent!

We got the T-shirts now it’s time to represent at some local races! There are two races Crossfit Endurance Springfield is focusing on in the month of August.

1. The Urban Orienteering Race – 8/3/2012

There were several of us who participated in the January Urban Orienteering Race this past winter and had a blast. Our friends from Ultra Max have added a summer version!  Using a map provided by race staff, teams will have 2 hours to find as many marked checkpoints on foot in downtown Springfield as possible, answering fun trivia questions along the way.  S0, If you have a good base of general and random knowledge, you have an advantage!  Last year participants covered as much as 7 miles during the race! We will meet at Fire Station #1, 730 E. Grand at 6:30PM and form teams of 2-5 people. Race day registration is $15. Please post to comments if you are interested and we will see you on Friday night for some running, jogging, walking and trivia, study up!

Date:  Friday, August 3, 2012

6:15-6:45 p.m. check-in at Fire Station #1 (community room) 730 E. Grand

7-9 p.m. Race

9-9:45 p.m. post race pizza and door prizes

Fees:  $10/per person, $15/per person race day.

2. The Republic Tiger Tri 

The 6th Anual Tiger Tri is fast approaching and we want to encourage each of you who have ever even thought about doing a triathlon to get out and participate in the Tiger Tri. This race is great for both beginner and experienced triathletes alike. The race starts with a 300 yard pool swim, 12 mile bike and 3.1 mile run. No fancy tri-bike, wet-suits or racing belts are required for this race. Get out there and challenge your self to do something different. Endurance coaches Kristy and Chad will be out there representing. If you have any questions about triathlon, the Tiger Tri or racing in general each one of your CFE coaches is well experienced in racing and competing locally, please let us know if we can help you!

Date: August 11, 2012

Time: start time 7AM

Cost: Before 8/2 Individual (16+): $55.00 for USAT Members,$65.00 for Non-USAT Members, Relay Team*: $100.00 After 8/2- Individual (16+): $65.00 for USAT Members $75.00 for Non-USAT Members Relay Team*: $110.00

Registration: In Person at Republic Community Center or The Starting Block by 8:00 P.M. August 10th, 2012. Online by 11:59 P.M. August 9, 2012

Please see our Upcoming Races tab above for more info on several local races and events.  See Kristy, Elizabeth, or Chad for any further questions.

Week 6 of 6 of Skill Based Running Progression

This is week 6 of 6 of the Skill Based Running Progression by CFE Main site.  If you missed the first five weeks or are interested in reviewing them you can catch Week 1Week 2 , Week 3Week 4 and Week 5  on the blog. This is the final week of our 6 weeks of cadence homework. I hope that some of you have been able to at least do some of the homework and have gained some appreciation for how important your cadence is to your form and speed. Please don’t hesitate to grab one of the cadence meters by the endurance white board and use it for warm-up, the WOD’s or on your own. If you have any questions about this or any of the homework please ask a friendly CFE coach.

Week 6 Skill Based Running Progression perform 2x through

1. 3 drills of your choice

2. 4x 1 min 30 sec @ 102-103 (204-206) cadence

2a. Rest 2 min between each effort performing 1 drill of choice during that rest

3. 6 min at 94-96 (188-192) cadence

4. At the end of the week perform a re-test run to test your self and how the homework as affected your speed and form.


Week 5 of 6 of Skill Based Running Progression

Its week 5 of 6 of the Skill Based Running Progression by CFE Main site.  If you missed the first four weeks you can catch Week 1Week 2 , Week 3 and Week 4   on the blog. Again, we are doing this skill based homework to help us improve our form and eventually speed by improving our cadence.  If you have any questions please post to comments or ask one of your CFE coaches.

Week 5 Skill Based Running Progression perform 2x  this week

1. 3 drills of your choice

2. 4x 1 min 30 sec @ 101-102 (202-204) cadence

2a. Rest 2 min between each effort performing 1 drill of choice during that rest

3. 6 min at 93-95 (186-190) cadence

Week 4 of 6 of Skill Based Running Progression

Its week 4 of 6 of the Skill Based Running Progression by CFE Main site. It looks pretty hairy this week! If you missed the first three weeks you can catch Week 1Week 2 and Week 3  on the blog. Again, we are doing this skill based homework to help us improve our form and eventually speed by improving our cadence. As Brian McKenzie says in the video, if this weeks homework is a struggle for you then take it back to week 3. Use this homework to help you assess where your running skills are at and cont to work on the areas that are a challenge to you. If you are still struggling with Week 1’s assignment then cont to work on Week 1 until you are able to keep up with the cadence meter and progress forward from there. If you have any questions please post to comments or ask one of your CFE coaches.

Week 4 Skill Based Running Progression Homework (only one time through but done three times this week if time permits 🙂 )

1. 3 drill of your choice

2. 4x90sec @ cadence of 100 (200)

2a. 1 drill between each interval

3. 6min @ cadence of 92-94 (184-188)

Week 3 of 6- Skill Based Running Homework

We are half way through our 6 weeks of skill based running homework. If you missed the first two weeks you can catch Week 1 and Week 2 on the blog. I know the heat has been intense but try to get out and do even just some of this homework to help you in developing and improving your form and cadence. Spend some time running with a cadence monitor and see how it helps clean up your form. If you are struggling with keeping up with the below cadences, scale them back to a pace that is manageable for you and do the homework as written. If you have any questions ask one of your knowledgeable and friendly CFE coaches or post to comments. – Stay cool and keep running!

Week 3 Homework (only x1 this week!)

1. 4 Drills of your choice

2. 4×1 min @ cadence of 98 (196)

3. 1 drill of your choice

4. 1x6min at 93-95 (186-190) cadence

Week 2 of 6- Cadence Homework with Brian McKenzie

Here is your homework for week 2 of 6 weeks of the skill based running progression from CFE mastermind Brian McKenzie. If you missed the homework from Week 1 you can catch it HERE in addition to more info about the 6 weeks of homework we will be following. The reason we are doing this is to reinforce the skill of running and working to improve our running form through drills and cadence work. Cadence is one of the biggest needs for improvement that I see with my evening runners so use this to help you focus on your cadence and improving your form. If you are struggling with keeping up with the cadence prescribed in the homework do your 4×1 min efforts on the wall ( I am speaking from personal experience when I say that 🙂 ). Just as in all things in Crossfit, scale for intensity, form and skill. If this is to much for you dial back the cadence numbers and work up to the cadence of 96 or 91. Post any questions to comments. There are cadence meters by the endurance whiteboard for you to use.

Week 2 Skill Based Running Progression Homework

1. 3-4 Drills of your choice

2. 4x1min @ cadence of 96 (192)

  2a. 1 drill of choice between each 1 min effort

3. 1 x 4min @ cadence of 91 (182)

4. If you you are able repeat steps 2-3 again one more time. If that was challenging enough for you then call it good.

6 Weeks of Homework With Brian McKenzie

We have been working a lot more on cadence in class lately and talking about the importance of how fast we are pulling off the ground. For the next 6 weeks on the blog we will be posting a little cadence homework from Brian McKenzie at CFE on cadence, drills and helping to improve that turnover. We will not be doing this homework in class but ask those of you who are interested in participating to do it on your own. You will need a cadence monitor or to download a metronome app for your phone (see video). We currently have two metronomes in the CFE corner in the back of the gym that you are free to use, please return them to the back they are actually Chad’s and mine! We are going to work on getting some more metronomes  to use in class eventually. If you are interested in purchasing your own you can find them on Amazon.  I will post the new homework assignment for the week each Friday morning and you can choose to do it on your own at a convenient time for you, or use the blog to pair up with some other runners and do it together. The homework will build up more each week in duration and speed. For some of you, this can be  done before or after a WOD and for some of you it may be a workout in itself. Use the drills we do in class or check the CFE binder in the back for guidance on drills. Pay attention during your drills to your form and understand why you are doing that specific drill. When you are setting your metronome for the written cadence you need to double it (i.e- Brian has you do 4×30 sec @ cadence of 94-96, set your metronome for 188-192) when they write 94-96 they mean each foot needs to come in contact with the ground 94 times, both feet=188/min. If you have any questions please post to comments. Watch the above video for details on the homework. I will be doing this homework along side you guys! Best of luck.

Week 1 of 6 Cadence Homework:

1. 2-3 drills of your choice

2. 4x 30-45 sec. @ cadence of 94-96

3. 1 drill of your choice

4. 1×2 min @ cadence of 91

5. Repeat #2-4 one more time.

When The Light Goes On!

By Melissa Wistrom

I can still remember the day the lights went on for me about Olympic Weightlifting.  I am lucky that my coach and friend Tracey Fober captured it on film for me.  She called it “Deliberate Practice”.

I like to watch it occasionally to remember what it felt like. This weekend the light turned on for many of us at the endurance certification, myself included!  I wasn’t sure if it was ever going to turn on for me regarding my endurance training.  I was beginning to get very frustrated.  It seems to me that there is a direct correlation between my level of frustration with any given activity and my light turning on.  Right around the time it seems as though my frustration level has hit its limit, I usually have something inside that switches and suddenly “I get it”.  I wouldn’t say that I totally and completely get it, but enough that I don’t want to throw my hands up and walk away.

After this past weekend I have an overwhelming desire to run a marathon, and to do it with impeccable running form.  I credit this desire to the awesome teachers we had.  The 48 hours we spent practicing deliberately gave me the knowledge and confidence to want to put my new information to the test.  I want to take the time to purposefully practice being a better runner.  I will from this point forward give myself permission to literally slow down and reteach my body how to move.  It is not like doing a snatch that I have only been doing for 18 months, I have been running my entire life, incorrectly.

I know it may take a lifetime to correct what it is I was doing, but I am excited to try.  My hope for you is that with deliberate and intentional practice you too will have a light turn on and it will continue to grow brighter with every CFE session you attend.  I have no doubt in my mind that with the talented and knowledgeable coaches we have at our disposal that this is very possible for all of us aspiring runners/crossfitters.