WODs for the Week of 10/15/17

CFE SLAYS ADVENTUREMAX TRAIL RACE… LIKE BOSSES!!!! Summer Rund 2nd Place–10K, Jerry Stewart 2nd Place–Half Marathon, Barb Wallace 3rd Place–10K, Claudia Coder 2nd Place–10K This Week’s WODs *Cycle U/Week 4 of 12*   Short Interval (Monday 5:30pm):  “Dragging” 3 SETS: 3 x 30m MAX effort sled push or pull sprints (185lbs/135lbs), with 1:00 rest betweenContinue reading “WODs for the Week of 10/15/17”

WODs for the Week of 5/14/17

  This Week’s WODs *Cycle S/Week 6 of 12*  Short Interval (Mon 5:30pm):  “Dangle” 4 sets: 200m FAST, 100m easy 200m FAST, 100m easy 200m FAST, 100m easy Rest 4:00 Coach Jen C’s Note:  Remember the framework of the VO2 Max methodology…lower volume, shorter intervals, higher intensity, more rest between efforts. WOD Notes:  Your 200s must be FAST.Continue reading “WODs for the Week of 5/14/17”

WODs for the Week of 4/2/17

This Week’s WODs *Cycle R/Week 12 of 12*  Final Week!!! Short Interval (Mon 5:30pm):   1-MILE TT    (We’re going to test this one out front tonight) <<Recover>> “Not My Problem” 6 Sets: 50m HEAVY max effort sled push sprint <no rest> Run 200m at FAST pace Rest 3:00 between sets WOD Notes:  Ditch your sled at the 50mContinue reading “WODs for the Week of 4/2/17”

WODs for the Week of 11/20

This Week’s WODs *Cycle Q/Week 5 of 12* Short Interval (Mon 5:30pm):  TWO WODS!!! “Projection” Run 60 seconds, controlled maximal effort Rest 3:00 Run 60 seconds, at max effort “Confession” 5 sets: 80m sprint@ 98% effort (retain form) 20m slow down (from sprint to farmer’s carry) 100m heavy farmer’s carry sprint (50lb/35lb DB) 200m easy recoveryContinue reading “WODs for the Week of 11/20”

WODs for the Week of 10/30

Summer, Melissa, Jeremy, and Ash…Taking on Last Week’s “Pinch & Inch” This Week’s WODs *Cycle Q/Week 2 of 12* Short Interval (Mon 5:30pm):   “Fifty 50” 5 sets: 4 x (50m easy recovery jog, 50m sprint) with NO rest between reps Rest 3:00 between sets Total Distance:      2000m       Methodology:       Speed Endurance        Scoring:      WOD is for total time WOD Notes—YourContinue reading “WODs for the Week of 10/30”

WODs for the Week of 8/14

This Week’s WODs *Cycle P/Week 3 of 12* Short Interval (Mon 5:30pm):  “Roundabout” 2 sets: 200m fast/sprint pace, 500m easy pace; rest 10 seconds 200m fast/sprint pace, 400m easy pace; rest 10 seconds 200m fast/sprint pace, 300m easy pace; rest 10 seconds 200m fast/sprint pace, 200m easy pace Rest 4:00 Methodology:     Lactate Threshold       Total Distance:  4400m Scoring:      ScoreContinue reading “WODs for the Week of 8/14”

WODs for the Week of 7/24

The Sun Sets on Another AMAZING Games Season! photos courtesy of The CrossFit Games Katrin Davidsdottir and Mathew Fraser…FITTEST ON EARTH!!! This Week’s WODs *Cycle O/Week 12 of 12* Short Interval (Monday 5:30pm):  TIME TRIAL TESTING–1 mile <<Recover>> “Big Wednesday”– 5 Rounds: run 200m at FAST pace, 30 sec rest, run 300m at FAST pace, 100m walk TotalContinue reading “WODs for the Week of 7/24”