Springfield Endurance Coaches


Jen Cochran

In 2013, I humbly accepted an invitation to coach the CrossFit Endurance program here at CFS—and it is my absolute honor to do so.  I am very passionate about CFE and all that it has to offer our athletes.  I absolutely love running!  I would love for you to love it, too!  I am so honored for the opportunity to now share my passion and love for this lifestyle with others who are seeking to achieve an optimal level of health and fitness. I am a firm believer, and wholly invested in the CFE philosophy. It truly will help take you to the next level.

My favorite thing about CrossFit-Springfield is the camaraderie and energy you will find here–unique to anywhere I have ever been.  Whether you’re a novice CrossFitter, or an elite athlete–you belong here. A lot of really amazing things happen out on the back lot–venture out and SEE!

Brian Rice

I am proud to say I have been a CFE regular since its inception at CrossFit Springfield.  Running and endurance were never a regular part of my training regimen, until I discovered CF Endurance classes at CFS. The CFE programming has helped me develop into a much more well-rounded athlete and has given me huge gains in my daily training.

I have achieved a few accolades in my CrossFit journey, but none more rewarding then when I started coaching at CFE in April 2016.   My goal as a coach is always to put the athlete first and give my full attention to their needs and goals.  I like to encourage and push my athletes to give a honest effort every class.  God has given me an opportunity to serve and help others and I am very blessed to be a part of this great community.  Our CFE community is a tight-knit group and I am proud to be one of your coaches.  #onwardandupward

Graham Smitham

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